Printable Games worked in my classroom and they can work for you. Students are required to memorize hundreds, if not thousands of concepts, rules, techniques, systems, etc. each school year. Games help ease the pain by replacing oral and written drill.


Unlimited Custom Games with our FREE membership!

Until further notice...

You can make your own custom Educational Printable Games for your family and share them with friends.

Members may use our Custom Game Creation Tool, in the "MY GAMES" tab at the top menu (as a logged in member).

Our tool is still in a beta state and we value your input. So please let us know what you think privately through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Facebook.

Here's a video showing how to make your first custom printable Card game with our new game tool.



Or, here are the steps as images

Step #1 Log in from Home.



Make a new game with the Custom Printable Game Tool by clicking









Add a Title and Tags, then select the type of information you want to study.








Fill the Chart with the information to be studied.

Select the game from the options at the bottom, save and print for yourself or









We still offer free printable game samples from each of our Math and Phonics sets that we sell.


Please use our free samples to test our games with your students

Please download the free samples (Complete Printable Games) to test with your family

Five (5) free samples- for everyone 

                          Step 1-- Hover over "PRINTABLE GAMES" at the top of this page, then

                          Step 2 --Click each set and you will find one free game in the information for each set. 


For a limited time, members get access to our Custom Printable Card Game Tool

plus these five additional free Printable Game samples (members only).

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Click "Create an account" for Free membership (then, for the limited time, "Member's Free Games" will show on the top menu)

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We sell Kids Learning Games on this site and through

Options- Do you have more time or money?

  • time - DYI with our free custom game tool (~10 minutes per game)
  • money - buy our predesigned games ($1single games $3- $7 sets)


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