Printable Games worked in my classroom and they can work for you. Students are required to memorize hundreds, if not thousands of Five large printable game sets (with 15 - 17 games in each), two Phonics and three Multiplication sets. concepts, rules, techniques, systems, etc. each school year. Games help ease the pain by replacing oral and written drill.


We offer free printable game samples from each of our Math and Phonics sets, plus a random free complete game each week.


Please use our free samples to test our games with your students and return each week to see which Printable Game we will surprise you with.

Save Your Time ... No Need to make up your own games

Just print them out and play

Please download the free samples (Complete Printable Games) to test with your family

Five (5) free samples- for everyone 

                          Step 1-- Click "PRINTABLE GAMES" at the top of this page, then

                          Step 2 --Click each set on the right, you will find one free game in the information for each set. 


For a limited time, members get these five additional free Printable Game samples (members only).

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Click "Create an account" for Free membership (then, for the limited time, "Member's Free Games" will show on the top menu)

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We also sell Kids Learning Games


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