Welcome to my site,

Games have always been a part of my life. I even started writing a book of educational games to use in the classroom while I taught second, third, and fourth grades in a private school. I have never had enough money or time to buy or make sufficient educational games for my classrooms. When I could no longer teach in a classroom, Vocational Rehab and the ‘Ticket to Work’ program asked me what I ‘wanted to do.’ With their help, I am developing ‘My Dream site.’ with Free printable games... hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I have MS, multiple sclerosis. I only share that with you upfront because I use a voice-activated typing device. I want you to understand if you find typos please be gentle, but let me know.


Please support this site by telling others about it and purchasing the games. I am very blessed and thankful for the people at Vocational Rehab for the opportunity to get off of Social Security Disability Income, and I thank you for your part in helping me meet and keep that goal.

Keep playing, Chris