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As a member you have access to all of the Game Creator Games. At this time, free membership give you access to all of our games. ( we don't have a plan to change that yet).

As a member, you can print each of the games, whenever you want them.

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To print and play a game:

  1. Go to - Teachwithgames.com  (you are here)>
  2. Games >
  3. Phonics Games {or any subject on the right sidebar} >
  4. ER, IR, or UR Spinner Card Game {or any of the over 250 games}


Everyone has access to the samples on the Game Set information pages.


Before you become a member you can find a free game

inside the product information on each of the games we sell.

  1. From the home page Click Games >
  2. Learning Game for Sale >
  3. Phonics Games Level One {or any one of the other sets} >
  4. Free Sample Game - Short Vowel Board Game


As a member you can make unlimited custom games with your information.


As a member, you can create unlimited custom games with our Game Creator Tool.

Please "Submit For Approval," and share your game with other members.

If you just print it for yourself others may need to repeat your work. 

We want to save everyone's time so please share if it is public information (no copyrights).



Place your unique information into one of our charts, select a game, print it, and/or share it with the other members.

It is easy to use our Game Creator to memorize information. Free


Filling in the shaded blanks on the chart is the minimum to create a game then the game parts will populate the "trays" so you can see what your game is going to look like.

The above gif uses the Category Chart but there is a Pairs Chart that is easier for your first game... Questions and answers, pairs, antonyms, etc.

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We really want you to make games yourself and use the "Shared Games" (over 225 and growing), other members made.


Kids love a smooth working spinner. Mom's hate making spinners!

(and fixing spinners over and over, Am I alone?)

Don't avoid spinner games, the clear spinner below speeds up prep time.


  • Special Deal for Homeschool Summit visitors - Clear Spinner For $7 $5 (see it on top of the page in the picture)

  • (Spinner price Includes tax, S&H, one per customer, $5 Summit week only)

  • Clear spinner saves your time and ensures that the spinner will work. Kids love spinners that work.

  • If you don't see the game you want, please make it yourself or

  • Click here to ask me to make it.


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