With our custom game creator members can make nine different games using their information. The creator will print out all of the parts needed for the chosen game including the rules and answer key. Nine games, all of them use game cards, some spinners, and other parts. These are the games I used in my classroom but you can use the same game parts for other games.

If you have a favorite card game the game creator could be used to make cards to use with other rules. The sets chart has Stephanie’s Card Game that creates a spinner with the labels at the top and the category chart has Gi’me, Gi’me that works the same way.

Two options for card size, but both create a spinner for this game style.
Nine cards on an 8.5 X 11″ page is the default.
Check the box in the first tray to select the larger 6 per page size cards.

The tray scrolls down to show all of your game parts so that you can adjust spacing or catch mistakes. All of your input goes into the chart and shows up in the trays after you fill the required/minimum spaces. Different games require different amounts of information to ‘help the game to work’ or make the game fun to play.

  • Luke’s game requires ‘Wild’ cards,
  • FamlyMom requires a ‘Mom’ card,
  • More Or Less requires tokens


All of these game parts show in the trays and print out with the specified game. You just provide the custom information that you want to study and memorize.


You can use the Game Creator to make our games or use the cards and game parts to play with your rules.

Either Way Keep Playing, Chris