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 Here's a 4.5-minute video showing how to make your first custom printable Card game with our game tool.


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You can make your own custom Printable Educational Games for your family and share them with friends.

Members may use our Custom Game Creator Tool, in the "MY GAMES" tab at the top menu (as a logged-in member).

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More Custom Game Creator videos under "Game Rules".

Or, here are the steps as images

Step one, Log In

Select a subject to print and play games, or click

Inside "My Games," the Game Creator, select "New Game".

Add a title and tags to your printable game and select the chart for your information type.


The fifth step is to fill the chart with your information.

Selecting the game at the bottom changes the parts in the tray. Scroll the tray down to see what your game will look like.

A GIF showing how to fill a Chart to make a game. 

Use our Game Creator to memorize information. Free.

To make your game, think about the concept that you want to memorize. Use the image below to help you decide what type of chart that it would fit into.

You will add your information to one of these charts inside the game creator tool to create your custom game.

There may be more than one chart that could be used. Money is listed in Pairs but if you add the number words "thirty-seven cents" to "$.37 - Picture of cash amount" you could make it a sets chart game.

Use this chart to help decide what games/chart your information will fit into.                                                           

These are the last 15 games created with the Game Creator as of September 2019.

Here's a list of the latest games

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We still offer free printable game samples from each of our Math and Phonics sets that we sell.

Please download the free samples (Complete Printable Games) to test with your family

Step 1-- Hover over "PRINTABLE GAMES" at the top of this page, then

Step 2 --Click each set and you will find one free game in the information for each set. 

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time - DYI with our free custom game creator (~10 minutes per game)

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DIY- Use our Game Creator to make your own game for Free.

  1. Login,
  2. Click "My Games”
  3. Click "New Game"
  4. select a chart and
  5. fill it out with the information you want to memorize.

... less than 10 minutes for most games.

Proverbs 15:2 "The wise person makes learning a joy...", (NLT) use games!