Making phonics games for second grade is very easy with our free game creator here on Just fill out a chart like in the picture below with your unique information (e.g. student's phonics list).

Log in and go to "My Games", then "New Game" to select a chart to fill. Select the game to Print out, Save, and Share.

One of the phonics games to studying phonics for 2nd graders.


This game and many other games are available to our members. The "Category Cards" are added to the chart so that they print out enabling players to play Gi'me, Gi'me also. The Gi'me, Gi'me rules are available on this site under "Game Rules". 


I chose to give you and all nonmembers a copy of this Phonics game

HERE - Phonics for second graders.

Teachers (ie. Homeschool Moms) can always use another resource so I have a game board and spinner below that can also be used with the game cards that print with this game.


General rules of play:

  • Markers to represent each player are placed at the "Start"
  • Players draw a card or spin the spinner,
  • read the word or words of that color,
  • then move their marker to the matching color on the board.
  • The winner is the first to or beyond the "END"


Players could be required to read (from the answer key) all of the words in the color they spin or draw.


Spinners make games super fun IF they work. Buy our clear spinner for $7 total, it works every time and quick for mom. (for sale here)

Click the image to download this Gameboard spinner set

A spinner that matches the Game board and the Phonics for second graders Game.

A game board that matches the spinner and the phonics for second graders game.


















Make your own phonics game for second graders

with our game creator and your phonics list

or any other information you want to help your student memorize


it's FREE!

Here's another Phonics game for 2nd graders. Below is how it was made.


Here is how this game was made to study phonics for 2nd graders.

Below is a list of the 20 Phonics games created as of August 24th, 2019. With a free membership, you have access to all of the "Shared Games" plus if you don't see what you need, you can make a game with your unique information with the game creator.

This is a list of Phonics Games created with our game creator and freely available to all of the members. (Free membership)





















Keep Playing, Chris