A fun way to practice reading phonics lists

Students absorb more information when it is presented in multiple ways, add this game to your arsenal.


This single game is included in the Phonics Games Level Two (II) set (16 games $7) and is offered here separately.


This game study's two sounds for the "wh," as in wheel and in whole, plus the other sounds.


Players must match the sound or color of the top card of the play pile. The goal is to be the first to play all of your cards.

The word cards can be used to play other card games that match categories.


DIY- Use our Game Creator to make your own game for Free.

  1. Login,
  2. Click "My Games",
  3. "New Game",
  4. select a chart and
  5. fill it out.

... less than 10 minutes for most games.

Proverbs 15:2 "The wise person makes learning a joy...", (NLT) use games

Wh, ch, kn, sw, wh MatchIt Card Game
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