Have fun matching two parts from quotes of everyone's favorite Reading Doctor, Dr. Seuss

For example, "Today was good. Today was fun."

      matches, "Tomorrow is another one."

This game pdf prints out with the rules, wild cards, answer key, and all of the playing cards for our Game called "Luke's Card Game."


But you have options...

  • As with all of our games, you can play with all of the cards or pick just the ones you want to memorize or work on.

  • You can play with the rules that print out (Luke's Card Game),

  • choose to (print a FamilyMom Card and rules, if needed) play with our FamilyMom Card game rules, or

  • any other favorite like Old Maid or Memory (used to be Concentration) that matches pairs of information.


Dr. Seuss Day- Finish the Quote Matching Card Game, March 3rd