Memorize The differences between Birds and Mammals


These simple facts tell us we are drawing a bird and not a mammal.

The cards can be used as flashcards or with other game rules that require categories of information. 


The cards could be used with a two-color gameboard (pick a color for Birds and one for Mammals) or our True and False Gameboard. Use the fact cards, ask the question, "This a bird fact, true or false?". If the answer is correct (according to the answer key), the player moves to the corresponding space.

You can find free game parts, including a True False Game Board on this site. Go to the "Games" tab at the top of this page, then look on the right side for "Shared Games by Game Creator- Organized", at the bottom of each game category page you will see the text and images shown below. 



Find the True False Gameboard at the bottom of the 'Other Games' page. The True False Gameboard is at the bottom of the

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Draw A Bird Day Game